Monday, November 20, 2017

New Tutorial! --- Tranquil

My Kit Potpourri HERE.
My grass or a grass tube of choice.
You can find my grass HERE.
Elements by Nellie HERE.
Tube of Choice. I chose a tube by Lia. 
You may find her site at
Font of choice. I used Playball font. 
Mask 569 by me HERE.

Ok...Yas ready? Let's begin!

Open a new image-size of choice. I made mine 630x630.

Using my Pot Pourri Paper 15 and Mask 569, copy and paste the paper on the bottom 
layer. Now add my mask or a mask of choice to the paper. Merge,
Merge group. I also used the Manual Color Correction tool 
and changed the colors from #5187ca  to  #00c0c0.
Resize to 85% and move to one side. Duplicate and mirror.

The elements I used are as follows:

From my kit:

Sun resized to 50%.
My Grass resized to 50%.  Recolor if you want.  Resize
to 85% and move to one side. Duplicate and mirror
or position to the way you like it.
Tree from my Potpourri kit resized 75%.
Tube of choice. Resize to desired size to fit adequately on your tag.

From the elements by Nellie:
Autumn resized to 12%.
Branch resized to 15%.  Duplicate and mirror. Rotate  45 to left and resized to 60%.
Duplicate this one and mirror as well.
Basket resized to 15%.
Plum resized to 13%.
Apples resized to 12%.

Here is where I used the Playball font to add my own wordart and names.
So, be creative and add whatever you want!

I never merge my layers. I advise you to do the same.
This way you can always save it and change whatever you want 
in the future.

Add your watermark if you wish, and make 
sure you add the copyright for the image you used.

I saved mine as a PNG image.
You are done!

Please tick the boxes below and let me know how 
you like my tutorial. I would love to see your results!

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  1. Hi there I was looking for a Tutorial for Halloween I cam across yours I love it Thank-you Hugs Patrcia